Turkey Tours

With all the turmoil that has been occurring in Turkey, client still wishes to pursue that market.

Taking into account the Penguin 2.0 roll out at the end of May and this Campaign being only 2 months old the results to date are not bad. In fact Penguin 2.0 or not I do not believe that this client was effected at all.- None of the keywords were previously in the TOP100.

Onsite issues still need to be fully addressed and with the 3rd months work scheduled in we are looking forward to reporting back to the client with at least 4 target keywords on Page One of Google Australia by the end of July 2013.

Work to date has been offsite with emphasis on creating genuine Authority and Authorship on the subject with article submissions to Travel centric sites.
– This is evident by the Analytics which show an increasing volume of traffic via ‘Direct’ and ‘Referral’ sites, those sites being predominantly travel sites.

In the pipeline is a 2,000 word piece covering the current political issues and providing some suggestions to those who (Tourists) maybe there now, those whom have pre-booked and still proceeding with their Turkey Tour and those whom may well be considering the adventure.
– I guess it could qualify as an Adventure Tour under the circumstances.
– Sorry not wishing to make like of the situation being that there are many innocents suffering.

Back to the Rankings with 4 target keywords sitting on the top of page 2, it will be interesting to report back later on their movement… stay tuned.


Ben Miranda



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