Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

Social Media is an effective tool to communicate with potential and existing Clients and like any tool it needs to be used appropriately.

For many Small/Medium Businesses this should be used with a clear understanding of the expected outcome and that is to stay in touch with your client base and not bash them with promotions and sales material. provide genuine information that would be of interest to your audience. Social Media is Boring

Case in point, a Tax Accountant wanting to go on Facebook and build up a fan base… well let’s face it accounting is boring as watching grass grow – However, let’s get into some more interesting parts of accounting to build up interest, such as Tax Fraud (Gossip, we all love gossip), Money Laundering, Offshore Tax Havens and now we are getting people interested!

Remember Social Media can be used to promote your work or yourself, but nobody likes a bore ūüôā

Sen Ye's Blog

Social media has become a very powerful tool for businesses as well as professionals. They use these tools in order to easily expose their capabilities and market themselves to the business world. By using these tools professionals can share their knowledge and experience to help market themselves in the process of building their career aspirations. Businesses use the social media tools in order to promote their products and services and to acquire the best fit candidate for their organization.

There are so many social media tools used for business such as Facebook, Linkedin, FriendFeed, SlideShare, twitter and etc.

  • Everybody¬†knows¬†Facebook,¬†there‚Äôs¬†lots¬†of¬†company¬†public pages¬†for posting¬†ads,¬†new¬†products¬†and¬†select¬†cumstomer¬†comments.¬† They¬†also¬†post surveys¬†on¬†it¬†to¬†select¬†customer¬†satisfaction¬†information. It¬†is¬†very¬†useful, because some¬†users¬†also¬†would¬†share¬†the¬†comments.¬†It‚Äôs like¬†the¬†free¬†advertisement.
  • Twitter is a social networking service that allows users to follow and or be followed, users can tweet a 140 character blog per tweet. From a business point of view Twitter is a great way to allow clients, employees and potential investors know how the company is doing and what they are planning doing. Twitter allows you market‚Ķ

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