The Basics of Onsite SEO – Video

For those of you wonder what you need to address with respect to your website and the search engines, take 5 minutes and watch the video.

If after you still have questions, then drop us a line ( and we will do a detailed complimentary Onsite Report highlighting what, if any, issues are present that makes your website not as easy for the search engine ‘spiders/crawlers’ to read and correctly index your site.

For example, a client in Adelaide had on her Finance website content about “Owning a Dream Car, a Dream Home, a Dream Boat, a Dream Motorcycle”, well take a guess what Google thought that she should be found for? – – “Dreams”.

It took 5 minutes to correct this (the Onsite issues) and as soon as this was done, her site started to rank on Page One of Google for her terms that were truly relevant to her and her business!


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