Promoting Your Business through Tumblr

Tumblr is not only a social networking website but is also a microblogging platform and it is widely used by a lot of private individuals and corporate entities nowadays. In fact, a study conducted last October 13, 2012 states that Tumblr has over 77 million blogs.

Social Media COnsultant - Tumblr
Social Media Consultant

And, the bigger news is that its retention rate is already 85%! With this status in mind, this social networking site can really bring huge investment returns to your company!

  • It is easy to use and lets you start posting right away!
  • It offers thousands of themes to help you customise your account.
  • It involves an easy-and-short posting feature that you can share your pictures and marketing details in a matter of seconds.
  • It allows micro blogging, which helps you relay advertising content in a simple and direct-to-the-point manner.
  • It is free!
  • It is so transparent in a way that other members who may not be familiar with your company can view your products and services through the Tumblr blogs or tumblelogs of those whom you have shared your pictures and content too.

Aside from the fact that you can easily promote your business by reaching out to many Tumblr members, this type of social media also enables you to track marketing impact through Google Analytics. This means you can conveniently determine if your posts are really effective in endorsing your business and if they are able to convince more people to take advantage of your offers. In addition to a free, real-time impact tracker, Tumblr provides advertising features such as Highlights and Sponsored Products. By taking advantage of any of these marketing offers, you can highlight your branding further to all Tumblr members.

So, to start using Tumblr for promoting your business, take time to view our comprehensive account registration and maintenance guidelines below:

Creating Your Account

  1. Log on to
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Provide your email, password, and username to create your account.

After successfully filling out the email, password, and username fields, you can start managing the content of your very own Tumblr blog account.

Managing Your Blog

The links below show a set of blog management guidelines that comes from the Tumblr website. Through these pages, you will understand primary and secondary blogs, blog features, and group blogs. Plus, you will know how to change your account’s URL or Web Address and delete an account or blog.

Basically, you need to be familiar with the following steps in order to maximise the marketing effect of your Tumblr account:


  • After signing up, you will be directed to the Dashboard, which is Tumblr’s main interface.
  • You then have to fill out the next box that will pop out and include the name of your blog and your own profile picture.
  • On the uppermost part of the Dashboard, you can see an option to post in 7 different types of media. This will prompt Tumblr to automatically format your posts based on their specific media types.
  • Add a text or caption so that your photo posts can be more interesting and comprehensive.
  • Write the title in the title field and put your content in the post field.
  • To upload a photo, click the Upload Photo link that can be found on the right side of the page. After that, choose the specific photo that you want to upload.
  • Include tags in your posts so that the latter can be easier to search by visitors. Just type as many words as you can and separate them with commas.
If your post is ready for sharing, click Create Post. You can check out how your post looks like by going back to the Dashboard.


  • Go into the Customize screen to modify and personalise your account. This part as well as its various customisation links can be found on the right side of the Dashboard.
  • View the samples of dummy blogs to easily select the kind of theme that you want to use for your account.
  • Change your blog’s features by clicking the tabs on the topmost part. See the preview and hit Save whenever you are satisfied with the changes you made.
  • Choose the right theme by clicking the Theme button on the menu bar.
  • Go to Appearance menu to make more specific changes, such as accent colour and background.


  • Aside from your posts, you can have a static page that visitors can access. To make one, go to the Pages tab in the menu bar and select the Add a Page option. A dialogue box will then appear and on its fields, you have to put the appropriate URL and Title as well as the content on the Body box.
  • To show your page’s link to all visitors, go to your blog and check the Show a Link box on the bottom.
  • To add feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, go to Services menu and input your usernames for each social networking account. Then, press Start so that Tumblr can start importing feeds into your blog.
  • You may also follow others’ Tumblr blogs. Just click the Follow button that you can find on the top of the page that you find interesting. You can re-blog as well. All you have to do is click Reblog so that your desired post can be shared to your own Dashboard, thus being shown to other members and visitors.
Optimising Tips for Your Business’ Tumblr Blog

To make the most of Tumblr for promoting your company, follow these guidelines:

1. Post, follow, and re-blog often.

The more activities you do on your Tumblr account, the better exposure you will get from social media users. So, make it a point to share marketing posts every day. You can even set a quota that will serve as your guide on the frequency of your posts. For example, consider making it a goal to create three to five new posts daily. Aside from that, you should take time to view other posts and “like” those that are relevant to your business branding. Do re-blog as well so that you can share other popular pages. These can help expose your blog more. And, do not forget to reply to some posts that you think are really important to your company. Overall, you have to do as many Tumblr activities as you can in a day in order to optimise your business’ identity in the world of social media.

2. Install Tumblr tools in your laptop and smartphone

This is to make sure that you can easily access and update your blog whenever you want to. For example, if you see an interesting website and you want to make a review about its content, just click the Tumblr bookmarklet that you have installed right at your own desktop. Or better yet, take interesting pictures from the Web and share it to other Tumblr users via your own smartphone or tablet. The bottom line here is that you should be able to make new posts even if you are not in your office.

3. Use the right tags

You must use a set of appropriate words for the tags that you will include on your posts. Doing so assures you that visitors can be easily led to your blog and discover your business. So, when choosing words to use as tags, see to it that you consider the nature of your company. For example, if your enterprise is about solar energy, then put “solar”, “sun”, “energy”, “solar power”, “sustainable”, and “green” on your posts. These words can easily prompt your target audience to go to your blog and read its content.

4. Take advantage of Tumblr’s features

As mentioned above, you should not hesitate to use Google Analytics to monitor and analyse traffic to your blog. But, apart from that feature, you must consider integrating the free tool Disqus as well for this allows commenting in your posts. Another feature you should take advantage of is Tumblr’s ability to give its members multiple chances in creating accounts. A second or third blog can be used for promoting a product launch, corporate event, and any other marketing activities. And, finally, you may invest in highlighted posts. This is Tumblr’s offer to prioritise optimising corporate posts for a reasonable rate.

5. Keep posts simple, direct-to-the-point, and creative

It would be a waste to use Tumblr for business marketing if your posts are unclear and irrelevant. Thus, make sure every post counts. You can do so by checking the significance of your photos and texts to visitors. Will your pictures and words make people understand the nature of your company? Does your picture or text have something to do with your company’s marketing goals? Are your posts really interesting for visitors, especially to your desired audience? Remember, you just have to create engaging and comprehensive posts so that visitors can get to know your business more. So, avoid vague and flowery language as well as insignificant photos if you do not want to end up confusing your audience instead of convincing them to become loyal to your business.


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