Look No Further for The Best Mineral Foundation

What are the basic ingredients found in pure mineral makeup powders and foundations?True mineral makeups are based around these key ingredients: Mica, Zinc, Titanium and Iron Oxides, Ultramarines and Tin oxide. (Our Flawless foundation contains a tiny amount of kaolin from clay to assist with oil control and a matte finish.) These are all guaranteed to be free from harmful nano particles or micronised particles.

What are the ingredients in a 100% natural mineral makeup?
Mica, Zinc, Titanium and Iron Oxides, Ultramarines and Tin oxide are all found in 100% pure mineral makeups and there is no need for much else in your formulation. You will notice that often an ingredient list says + or – some ingredients. This is because within a range, different mixes of each ingredient are used to achieve different blends and colors.

What ingredients could be added that are safe?
Other ingredients such as Kaolin (from clay) or other botanical ingredients can be added and are considered safe. It is important that Kaolin is added in tiny quantities only and this can be beneficial for oily skins and to achieve a matte finish. Generally, a formula without kaolin is best for dry skins. Sometimes a mineral makeup product will contain rice or corn starch. Even though these ingredients are considered safe, they are not always added for the benefit of your skin and the appearance of your makeup on the skin.

What ingredients could be added that are not safe to my skin?
Many people find bismuth oxychloride irritating and prefer to avoid this ingredient. Other ingredients to avoid if you are seeking a natural product are parabens, talc, rice and corn starch. Magnesium stearate is not considered a necessary ingredient in high quality and professional mineral makeup formulations.

Why do some minerals contain ingredients that are not safe and beneficial to the skin?
When we choose a makeup we want it to look good, wear well and be good for our skin and health…right? What motivates a large company?
Often profit is a large factor – so ingredients that are cheap are used and also ingredients that will extend shelf life are added so that there are minimal losses on out of date stock. Pure minerals are the expensive products, whilst talc is considered a cheap filler.

mineral foundation

My skin is very sensitive – what are the ingredients to look out for?
Sensitive skins should choose a mineral makeup with no bismuth oxychloride, talc, preservatives and corn starch. Some skins also are very sensitive to Mica. ECO minerals Flawless pure mineral foundation is suited to most skins, even very sensitive skins. Ask for a sample first if you have very sensitive skin – when in stock we will happily provide a complimentary sample for you.


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